Our Services

Our Services Property Management: For property owners of single units or several units, CDL offers a full spectrum of property management services to assist you with the occupancy, maintenance,legal advice and overall management of your properties.

Property Commercial/Residential Property: At Capita Venture we are routinely instructed in all aspects of residential/commercial property matters. Whilst we are most regularly involved in the sale and purchase of residential/commercial properties, we always strives to keep our clients with the utmost concern and courtesy.

Property Finance & Loan Management: We at CDL will assist you in the legal documentation,property valuation and negotiate the best financial package for you. We will help you make the best decision for your particular situation with confidence,integrity and passion.


Our Services Men’s Grooming: Great hair is not reserved for the chosen Few,It’s for those who choose Truefitt & Hill great Hairdresser in Bangladesh. The world’s best grooming salon for men,Truefitt & Hill,will offer you a wide range of services designed to groom your hair to perfection .

Entertainment: Weither it is indoor or outdoor intertainment, we at CDL have come up with a wide range of boating product to offer to your family or collegue a new level of intertainment with enjoyable adventure and fun, overlooking the reverine beauty of Bangladesh.



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